Meet Ken

Ken’s family roots go deep here, with his family first arriving in Muskegon more than 140 years ago.

Like his father, Ken grew up on the City’s east end in the Sheldon Park neighborhood.

Ken’s a proud K-12 graduate of Muskegon Public Schools, having attended Oakview Elementary, Steele Middle School, and Muskegon High School – GO BIG REDS!!

A local history and a bright future for Muskegon

After high school, Ken attended The George Washington University, where he earned a dual B.A. in International Affairs and Political Science. He returned to Muskegon over a decade ago, buying a home on the city’s west side, with a desire to help move Muskegon forward and realize more of its awesome potential. He’s been active in the Nims Neighborhood Association, currently serving as its Vice President, and has been an at-large City Commissioner for the past 8 years. Having returned to Muskegon working remotely as a senior analyst for a global media analysis firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., Ken has since transitioned to financial planning to serve his community in another way.

In his tenure as a City Commission, Ken is proud of the progress the City’s been making. Yet, he also realizes there’s much more to achieve, including ensuring progress reaches all corners of the city and benefits the full spectrum of its citizenry.

Ken takes seriously his duty to serve residents and advocate for their interests. He routinely engages citizens using social media, holding in-person “office hours” around town, and attending neighborhood association and community meetings. He firmly believes that it’s important to listen to residents in order to represent them.

If elected mayor, Ken will maintain robust outreach with constituents and pursue resident-centered policies. Our many wonderful neighborhoods and neighbors throughout Muskegon deserve to be heard, engaged, and respected.

Meanwhile, Ken is committed to strengthening public safety, enhancing the parks system, improving roads & biking infrastructure, adhering to strong fiscal stewardship, embracing environmental sustainability, and promoting good governance – transparency, community engagement, and accountability.

Furthermore, it’s very important to Ken that resources and opportunities are made available on a fair and equitable basis.

Together, let’s cultivate a more inclusive, empowered, and harmonious community!